TC 649 control box, 6490330

TC 649 control box

The TC 649 control box is the first device on the market that can send time switch or Astro programs and many other functions to previously defined groups of devices.


The highlights of the TC 649 control box at a glance:

  • Complete control: Central switching or transfer of updates, functions and time or Astro programs to consumers.
  • Maximum flexibility: Assign individual devices to any device group.
  • Secure operation: In the company LAN network
  • Predictive yearly functions: Flexibly program one-time or recurring events


Function description

  • Controlled remotely via LAN
  • 4 channels
  • 800 switching times in total
  • Weekly switch program
  • 3 special programs (weekly program, permanently on, permanently off)
  • Switching points (manual on/off, pulse start and duration to the second, fixed switching time on/off)
  • Date range in the special programs
  • Channel function can be switched, switch program/Astro program
  • Astro function + offset (Astro pulse)
  • Perm on/off/auto without time restriction
  • Automatic summer/winter changeover
  • Software update
  • Hour counter for each channel
  • Service interval for each channel


Technical data

Operating voltage

230 V  - 20% + 15%

Switching capacity

6A/250V AC; cos φ= 1

Minimum load

5V/1 mA


50 Hz

Power consumption

3 W

Set operating range

-10 °C to + 45 °C

Threshold for operation

-25 °C to + 55°C

Threshold for storage and transport

-25 °C to + 70 °C


95%, non-condensing

Protection class

II subject to designated installation

Protection rating

IP 30 



Function description of administration software

The management software is the central element for managing all TC 649 devices connected to the LAN.

For transferring programs, determining the position of the astro functions, direct control and layout of the project structure or reading the operating hours, all from one central office.

  • Central management of all connected devices
  • Grouping options in upper and lower groups by location or other criteria
  • Selection of individual and grouped device groups
    • To send programs
    • To select the location information at astro function
      • With individually adjustable offset per device and per channel
  • Direct control "car; Permanent Off; Permanent On "
  • Meter-reading the operating hours
  • Setting a service interval
  • Updates of the device software centrally possible.

The OBELISK software can be used to create daily / weekly programs with annual functionality or astronomically controlled programs.