theSenda plug app


Who doesn't know the situation: To set the motion or presence detector, a ladder is needed. With our solution, the ladder is a thing of the past.

theSenda Plug is a user-friendly and free app for convenient programming of motion and presence detectors as well as LED lamps with integrated motion detector (theLeda D). Parameters are sent by Bluetooth to theSenda B remote control of and from there automatically transmitted to the detector via infrared. This allows most detectors from Theben to be configured and operated easily, quickly and safely. All remotely controllable motion and presence detectors are already pre-installed. Regular updates of the detector database always keep you up to date.

Key functions at a glance:

  • Flexible detector search and configuration: The automatic search takes the installer directly to the corresponding detector. Alternatively, the filter function can be used. What's more, it is possible to search for detectors based on stored parameter sets. All detectors can be programmed with just a few clicks via the intuitive user interface. Comprehensive graphic and text-based help functions as well as animations provide assistance with configuration. Particularly in the case of detectors with an especially large range of functions, such as the DALI presence detectors, theSenda Plug makes configuration much easier and faster.

  • Parameter sets can be saved and named in a customer-specific way. This makes them easier to reuse, for example in different buildings. The parameter sets can also be created with theSenda Plug in advance, and transferred later, during start-up. For archiving and administration purposes, the parameter sets can be exported, for instance via email.

  • Perfectly combined with theSenda B remote control: While the detectors are configured via the theSenda Plug app, the programmed data is transmitted to the respective detector via the theSenda B remote control and infrared. Communication between app and remote control is via Bluetooth. The highlight: theSenda B offers a built-in lux meter which can be used to calibrate the light measurement simply and conveniently. The measured lux values are then transmitted back to theSenda Plug via Bluetooth. Furthermore, the remote control can also be used as a user remote control. The supplied wall and table mount ensures that the remote control is always at hand.