RAMSES BLE (digital clock thermostat) from Theben (OpenTherm, network) is used for time-dependent monitoring and control of the room temperature in single-family houses, offices, etc. It is operated and programmed exclusively via the app. Start-up, operation and programming are self-explanatory. RAMSES BLE app for convenient, safe and really easy operation of a RAMSES BLE in the versions OpenTherm (modulating) and network (relay).

Key functions at a glance:

  • Main level: When starting the app, the main level is shown. Here, all important settings can be made easily. Display of current set and actual temperature, rotary knob for changing the set temperature of the room, simple selection of different heating modes and quick selection of Comfort or Eco mode until the next switching time.

  • Info: By pressing the Info button on the main level, the information level will be opened, which displays all available information, depending on the device type (temperatures, states, etc.).

  • Programming: Editing switch programmes

  • Settings: Here, the settings of the various controller types, of the external input, etc. can be made.