OBELISK top3 app


The top3 app can be used to simply, quickly and conveniently program top3 digital time switches and twilight switches from Theben on a smartphone or tablet. The programs are transferred in a tamper-proof way to the top3 products via Bluetooth OBELISK top3 (a Bluetooth Low Energy dongle).
The new digital time switches of the top3 series replace the proven and multi-million selling top2 devices and reach the next milestone in terms of performance, energy efficiency and programmability, as well as functionality, ease of use and reliability. SELEKTA top3 astronomical time switches can be used for precise switching of connected consumers based on sunrise and sunset. With the LUNA top3 digital twilight switches, twilight programmes can be easily controlled via app and transferred to the twilight switch.

Advantages of the top3 digital time switches from Theben:

  • Convenient programming via free app for smartphones and tablets

  • Intuitive programming also possible on PC or laptop, as well as directly at the device

  • Flexible saving of time programs in the cloud and convenient sending by email

  • Tamper-proof transfer of time switch programs via Bluetooth Low Energy OBELISK dongle

  • 100% compatible with top2, for easy transfer of top2 accessories and programs to top3 devices

  • Ideal for LEDs, with 600 W LED output thanks to redesigned zero-cross switching


Here you can find out more about SELEKTA astro time switches and LUNA twilight switches.