Efficient lighting intelligence with DALI-2 stand-alone, BMS and KNX

Intelligent lighting control using DALI-2 technology

DALI-2 solutions from Theben are valued by discerning customers for their outstanding detection quality, sophisticated functions and exceptionally simple start-up and programming. When combined with intelligent lighting management via DALI-2, they really come into their own. In this way, they create efficient, flexible and future-proof lighting management, which can be seamlessly integrated into building automation systems.


The lighting control dream team - Presence detectors and DALI-2

Theben offers you a wide range of DALI-2 presence detectors and presence sensors for nearly any need. DALI-2 broadcast presence detectors provide high-quality standard solutions with simple start-up, a lighting group with constant lighting control and orientation light. In addition, an external DALI-2 relay can be easily integrated, such as for HVAC applications.

Addressable DALI-2 presence detectors allow flexible assignment of up to three lighting groups on one DALI line with constant lighting control and orientation light. The devices offer 2- or 3-channel mixed light measurement. Moreover, the push buttons can be conveniently assigned to the individual lighting groups by remote control or push button.

The DALI-2 Room Solution allows you to implement individual, DALI-2 based lighting controls with HCL functionality, RGBW light and time-controlled functions. As simple as with broadcast detectors. All DALI-2 presence sensors can also be integrated into the DALI-2 Room Solution.

Theben DALI-2 presence sensors can be operated with any multi-master application controller that complies with IEC 62386 parts 101/104. This way, you can also connect your DALI-2 lighting management system to the higher-level control of a building management system.

A large selection of KNX/DALI gateways provides a bridge into the KNX world and thus further functionality, such as shading and climate control.


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Theben_DALI-2 Room Solution

DALI-2 Room Solution

Welcome to the DALI-2 Room Solution from Theben. This complete single-room solution includes all necessary DALI-2 core components, such as presence detectors and sensors, push button interfaces and actuators.

Theben_DALI-2 Room Solution_Presence sensors

DALI-2 presence sensors & BMS

Perfect light management can also be achieved with a higher-level control solution using a Building Management System and presence sensors. Here, the DALI-2 standard ensures compatibility across manufacturers. This allows the Theben DALI-2 presence sensors to be operated with any multi-master application controller that complies with IEC 62386 Parts 101/104.

Theben_DALI-2 Room Solution_Colour control

DALI-2 colour control

With the DALI-2 certified DM 4 DALI KNX actuator, up to 30 DALI operating devices per channel can be easily controlled via broadcast commands. Broadcast communication requires no DALI addressing or grouping and greatly simplifies start-up and maintenance.

Theben_DALI-2 Room Solution_Gateways_KNX

DALI-2 KNX gateways

DALI gateways are the powerful and flexible connecting links between DALI lighting control and KNX building automation. Including control of colour and colour temperature of devices according to DALI Device Type 8 (DT8).

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In our DALI-2 brochure Efficient Lighting Intelligence Room and Building Solutions with DALI-2 Stand-alone, BMS & KNX you will find everything you need to know about DALI-2 technologies as well as suitable use cases.