Whitepaper title MIX2 EN

Whitepaper KNX MIX2 Actuator Technology: Upgrade to KNX Data Secure

MIX2 actuators from Theben offer maximum flexibility in the planning and conversion of KNX systems. The basic devices have a bus coupling unit to which up to two extension modules can be connected. This allows the number of output channels per bus module to be tripled. And this with a wide variety of functions, such as switching and dimming lights, controlling sun protection or regulating heating. This saves space and costs.

The highlight lies in the bus coupler in the basic device: this can be replaced quickly and easily if necessary. This is also the key to KNX Data Secure. Theben now equips all MIX2 actuators with KNX Data Secure. Even modules that are more than 10 years old can be retrofitted.

Find out why KNX Data Secure makes sense and how the retrofit works in our free white paper.

The highlights at a glance:

  • KNX Data Secure as protection against data theft and manipulation
  • Retrofitting MIX2 actuators with Data Secure
  • Overview of the MIX2 actuator concept


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