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DIMAX 534 plus


  • Universal dimmer for R, L and C loads with automatic load detection
  • Comfort setting with wake-up and snooze function (can be deactivated), e.g. for children's bedrooms
  • Adjustable dimming rate (with automatic functions)
  • One and two button operation for ease of use
  • Up to 3 light scenes can be called up via separate input (diode module required for more than one light scene)
  • Central OFF/ON or light scene for up to 10 devices possible with one push button
  • Staircase light function with dimming function in accordance with DIN 18015 - 2 (resettable, long-time function)
  • Can be controlled by push buttons or switches e.g. for combination with presence detectors or time switch
  • Switch-on brightness can be saved individually
  • Adjustable minimum brightness (required for ESL and LED)
  • Multi-voltage input, e.g. for intercoms
  • Low stand-by consumption
  • Memory function in the event of power failure
  • Automatic electronic overload and overheating switch-off
  • Dimming switch-on function
  • Permanent ON function (test function)
  • No minimum load requirement
  • Soft ON and Soft OFF protects the light
  • The dimming output can be upgraded by using additional dimmboosters "DMB 1 T KNX" - dimming output 300 W/VA for each dimmbooster

Technical data

Operating voltage 230 V AC
Frequency 50 Hz
Width 1 modules
Installation type DIN rail
Stand-by consumption ~0,2 W
Capacity loss max. 4,5 W
Incandescent/halogen lamp load 400 W
Transformer electronic (C) 300 W
Transformer inductive (L) 400 W
Energy saving lamps Trailing edge: 400 W
LED lamp Trailing edge: 400 W
Ambient temperature -30 °C … +50 °C
Protection class II
Type of protection IP 20

Connection example

DIMAX 534 plus
DIMAX 534 plus

Scale drawings

DIMAX 534 plus


Article number Data sheet Documents basket
Wall mounting kit 17,5 mm - Terminal box cover plate for assembly, sealable

Wall mounting kit 17,5 mm

Diode module - Required for special functions (group/central function) with LUXOR

Diode module

Front panel kit - The front panel installation set is suitable for Theben distributor installation devices of 17.5 to 107.5
                                 mm width

Front panel kit



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Operating instructions PDF
DIMAX 534 plus - Universal dimmer for R, L and C loads with automatic load detection

DIMAX 534 plus

Article number 5340001
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