theLeda S10 WH


  • LED spotlight with motion detector
  • 1 LED spot with 10 W (equivalent to 140 W Halogen spotlight)
  • Spotlight can be swivelled ± 40° horizontally, and adjusted 70° downwards, wall-wash functionality by swivelling 180°
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Automatic lighting control based on presence and brightness
  • 180° detection angle at a detection range of 10 m
  • Additional creep under protection
  • Area limit via lens attachment
  • Orientation light with configurable dimming level
  • Short and extended function via manual control system
  • Integrated heat sink in housing color
  • Direct-LED for maximum light output
  • High-tech matrix-LED module
  • Single-handed plug-in installation
  • Instant start-up possible via factory preset
  • Adjustable lux value and switch-off delay
  • Settings can be changed without tools

Technical data

Operating voltage 230 V AC
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Stand-by consumption ~0,4 W
Light measurement Mixed light measurement
Installation type Wall installation
Setting range brightness 2 – 200 lx
LED output (lighting current) 840 lm
Colour temperature 4000 K, neutral white
Detection angle 180°
Installation height 2 – 4 m
Light switch-off delay  2 s-30 min
Lamps Incandescent/halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, Energy saving lamps, LEDs
Ambient temperature -25 °C … +45 °C
Protection class I
Type of protection IP 55

Connection example

theLeda S10 WH

Scale drawings

theLeda S10 WH

Detection range

Mounting height (A) Head on to (r) Diagonally (t)
2,5 m 3,5 m 10 m
theLeda S10 WH


Article number Data sheet Documents basket
Corner angle 10 WH - For corner installation of LED spotlight

Corner angle 10 WH

Spacer 10 WH - Additional spacer for flexible installation (cable entry below, side, top and more space for cables)

Spacer 10 WH



Format Download
Operating instructions (smartphone) PDF
Operating instructions PDF


Article number Data sheet Documents basket
theLeda S10 BK - LED spotlight with motion detector

theLeda S10 BK

theLeda S10 W WH - LED spotlight with motion detector

theLeda S10 W WH

theLeda S10 W BK - LED spotlight with motion detector

theLeda S10 W BK

theLeda S10 WH - LED spotlight with motion detector

theLeda S10 WH

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