Theben presents the new LUXORliving smart home system

(Haigerloch, March2018) It is simply smart, simply safe and above all super simple to install: the new LUXORliving smart home system from Theben. For anyone who is planning a new build or complete refurbishment, LUXORliving has timed it just right.

 “With the launch of our living comfort control back in 2005, we practically invented smart homes,” says LUXORliving product manager Tino Schlaich with a wink. “Even our very first controls for this area of application were designed so that electricians only needed a screwdriver to configure and program the entire system. This was very well received by the market. It's why ease of starting up the system was always going to be right at the top of the list of requirements to be met by LUXORliving too.” Although of course the screwdriver has now been replaced by a laptop! The LUXORplug and LUXORplay software tools are the real highlights.


Installation: Flexible and open    

LUXORliving is wired in exactly the same way as every other KNX installation. Lights, roller blinds or other functions can be assigned to the buttons of your choice in the software. This opens up options to modify existing installations, offers considerable potential for savings and gives users more freedom to select a switch range that best suits the design of their homes. Tino Schlaich: “Rather than selling buttons, we are working with button interfaces.” The hardware consists of around 12 sensor and actuator components along with a small number of central units. These items of equipment are KNX-certified but support fewer functions than a standard KNX unit. The advantage of this restriction is that rather than having to rely on the ETS software for start-up, users simply work with LUXORplug, which is both easy to use and free of charge.


Start-up without the need for programming

The Windows LUXORplug software gets everything started. The software lists the components automatically, with each unit being assigned a unique one-off number which can be used to identify it throughout its service life. The installation engineer specifies the number of floors and rooms and can also assign names to them. After this, he or she will assign the components to the rooms and also give them a clearly recognisable name, e.g. “blinds in children's room”. The next step involves setting the parameters for the individual actuators, connecting them graphically to the sensors and, if necessary, setting up groups of components (all of the blinds in a room, for example).


After plug comes play

The system can be visualised without a separate display unit. All you need is an Android phone or a smartphone. Users simply have to download the free LUXORplay app. The first time the phone establishes a connection to the system control centre, the app picks up all of the names assigned to rooms, switches, etc. As the graphical design is in a standard format, the system can be visualised in the app right from the very first time it is started up. Users can go ahead and visualise and modify the statuses of lights, blinds, roller blinds and general settings, etc. They can assign a time program to or define scenarios for each actuator channel, for example.

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Short text/Summary

LUXORliving is essentially a certified KNX system.age. But contrary to a conventional KNX installation, LUXORliving only uses the functions that are absolutely necessary. This is precisely what makes LUXORliving so incomparably easy to install and operate. Switching on and dimming lights, regulating heating and controlling shade, as well as using the clever panic function is child's play. And LUXORliving makes it happen.

LUXORplug is the easy-to-use operating software from Theben. Windows-based – speedy, safe, simple. No prior knowledge necessary. LUXORplay is the iOS and Android app for convenient, safe and really easy operation of LUXORliving via WLAN.


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