LUXA 103 presence detectors for indoor and outdoor use: The new definition of standard

Theben LUXA 103 presence detectors are a versatile device family for efficient lighting and HVAC control both indoors and outdoors. The devices with a circular detection area are ideal for use in individual and open-plan offices, meeting rooms, storerooms, basements and toilets. Special presence detectors for corridors have a rectangular detection area. All devices can be configured via an app and controlled remotely and they are simple to install.The surface-mounted devices in black, white or grey blend into any design concept.

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The highlights of the LUXA 103 presence detectors at a glance:

  • Timelessly elegant, compact design
  • Circular or rectangular detection area
  • Convenient setting via an app and remote control, only remote control or potentiometers
  • Simple installation and wiring
  • Presence detector family with surface-mounted devices, combination devices for ceiling installation and flush mounting as well as presence detectors for corridors and hallways
  • Surface-mounted devices available in black, white and grey
  • Device variant with second channel for HVAC control
  • Integrated button input
  • Can be networked with other LUXA 103 devices or theMura slave wall detectors
  • Perfect for switching high LED loads of up to 400 W
  • Protection class IP 54 for use outdoors and in wet rooms
  • Numerous comfort functions, such as pulse function, teach-in function, test function, staircase light function

Wide range of applications

LUXA 103 presence detectors offer a huge variety of applications for efficient lighting control indoors and outdoors. Here are some examples:

Outdoor application

Protection class IP 54: perfect for wet rooms and outdoor areas

Protection class IP 54 means that all LUXA 103 presence detectors can be used in wet rooms and outdoors without any issues. For example, covered building entrances as well as covered terraces and balconies can be illuminated when presence is detected.

easy programming

Easy programming via an app and remote control

It is particularly easy to program LUXA 103 presence detectors. The best way to do this is to use the theSenda B remote control in combination with the free theSenda Plug app. The parameters entered are sent by Bluetooth to the theSenda B remote control and from there are transmitted by infrared to the detector. This means all LUXA 103 devices can be configured and operated easily, quickly and safely.

Do you prefer a classic approach to programming? Then simply use the integrated potentiometers to configure the device. The theSenda Plug app for iOS and Android automatically displays all installed detectors. Flexible parameter setting means that parameter sets can be saved specifically according to the customer, be filed in parameter libraries or be established externally and imported. This means that identical parameters can be set quickly, even in larger properties with many detectors.

This is how customised presence detector installation can be!

ceiling installation

Ceiling installation

flush mounting

Flush mounting

surface mounting

Surface mounting

Simple installation and wiring

LUXA 103 presence detectors essentially redefine simple installation and wiring. The connectors of the surface-mounted devices are installed according to the plug-in socket principle. The plug-in terminals of the ceiling and flush-mounted devices have been integrated at a 45° angle. Both simplify installation and wiring significantly, which in turn reduces installation costs. A small measure with a big impact. Typical Theben!   

Montage 1 Montage 2

As with a socket, the connectors of the LUXA 103 surface-mounted devices are installed in the surface-mount frame.

The plug-in terminals of the ceiling and flush-mounted devices have been integrated at a 45° angle. This makes it much easier to install the cables in the device.



surface mounting

Surface mounting


LUXA 103 surface-mounted devices feature a gleaming decorative ring which seamlessly blends into any colour scheme. The surface-mount frames are also available in black and grey.

Ceiling installation/ flush mounting

Ceiling installation/
flush mounting

LUXA 103 presence detectors with a circular detection area are available as a combination device for ceiling installation or flush mounting with one (lighting) or two channels (lighting/HVAC). To convert the ceiling presence detector into a flush-mounted presence detector, simply remove the springs and the contact protection cap. Then install the device in a flush-mounted box using the enclosed mounting frame.

Presence detectors for corridors

Presence detectors for corridors

LUXA 103 presence detectors for corridors and hallways with a rectangular detection area provide one channel for lighting control. They are available as a surface-mounted device as well as a combination device for ceiling installation/flush mounting.

Technical data and function description of LUXA 103 presence detectors & corridor presence detectors

Presence detectors (circular detection area)


Erfassungsbereich Praesenzmelder 12902x726 en EN

Corridor sensors (rectangular detection area)Erfassungsbereich Korridormelder 12902x726 en EN

Technical data and function description of LUXA 103 presence detectors & corridor presence detectors:

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