Theben product catalogue 2015


It has arrived! The new Theben product catalogue which presents a range of new products.


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theLuxa P300 KNX motion detector – an all-rounder with inner values for outdoors

With the theLuxa P300 KNX, Theben presents a true all-rounder among the KNX motion detectors for outdoors (IP 55): With 4 channels each for motion and 4 channels for temperature and light, the KNX motion detector offers highest flexibility. Furthermore, theLuxa P300 KNX offers logic functions and a simple week timer.

theLuxa P300 KNX motion detector

A growing family: Theben extends the series of Meteodata 140 S KNX weather stations

Under the transparent housing of the well known Meteodata 140 S KNX weather station from Theben, there are now also two 24 V versions, as well as a “basic“ version without rain sensor.

New Meteodata 140 S KNX weather stations

Developed for LED lamps: The new Theben ELPA 6 plus, staircase light timer switch

With the new ELPA 6 plus, Theben presents a staircase light timer switch with a warning prior to switching off the LED lamp. Thanks to an extended single pulse, a reliable warning prior to switching off the lighting is also visible for LEDs.

Theben ELPA 6 plus, staircase light timer switch for LED lamps

Simply simpler: The new RAMSES 366/1 top2 digital clock thermostat from Theben

With the new RAMSES 366/1 top2, Theben presents a digital clock thermostat for single-zone control with a shallow installation depth and simplified installation, convenient programmability thanks to the intuitive top2 operating philosophy and a date-controlled holiday program.

RAMSES 366/1 top2 digital clock thermostat

Heavy-duty design for LEDs and energy-saving bulbs: The new Theben SELEKTA 175 top2 astronomical time switch

With the new SELEKTA 175 top2, Theben presents an astronomical time switch with an installation width of 1 TE for high-capacitance loads, especially those associated with LED lamps and energy-saving bulbs.

Theben SELEKTA 175 top2 astronomical time switch

Faster, brighter: Theben theLeda E LED spotlight with motion detector

With the new theLeda E Series, Theben presents a powerful and easy-to-install combination of LED spotlight and motion detector

theLeda E LED spotlight with motion detector

Theben: The experts for motion detectors, KNX building systems technology and much more

KNX makes life easier

KNX building systems technology makes building control more convenient, easier and more environmentally friendly. From lighting and environmental control in public buildings and private accommodation or fully automatic sun protection. KNX from Theben is the solution for energy-efficient building control and smart homes.


Lighting and climate control with KNX

KNX presence detectors such as the award-winning design PlanoCentro monitor areas of up to 100m2 and, in contrast to motion detectors, are able to detect the slightest movements, such as typing on a keyboard. At the same time, the presence detector measures the intensity of natural light. The light level in a room can be controlled to a preset brightness level, or if the presence detector no longer registers movement the lights can be turned off. Heating can also be controlled as required via presence detectors and KNX: For example, if all the students have left a classroom, the temperature can be automatically reduced by 2 degrees and the lights are switched off. That drastically reduces operating costs. In the case of heating, it does not matter if you are controlling underfloor heating or a traditional radiators, Theben KNX can control both.

KNX weather station for fully-automatic sun protection

But KNX is capable of more: A KNX weather station allows blinds and shutters to be controlled automatically. The sun protection for each facade is controlled separately depending on the position of the sun. At wind speeds above 8 m/s, awnings and blinds are raised automatically, thus protecting them from damage in event of a sudden storm when nobody is at home.

Visualisation on KNX multi-function display

All functions of the KNX system can be read, set and corrected as required via the VARIA 826 KNX multi-function display. Individual room heating control is equally possible as the setting of individual light scenes in living rooms, corridors or children's rooms via the text-based guidance on the large display. Group functions, also called scenes encompass light and temperature settings and are easy to call up with the press of a button. The VARIA 826 KNX was awarded the red dot Award 2009 for its elegant design.

Via a central OFF function, the KNX system ensures that all important devices are switched off when you leave the house. It can be remotely controlled via the Internet or telephone at anytime. Only KNX building systems technology offers such high levels of integrated comfort and control.



Motion detectorsfor energy-efficient lighting control

It doesn't matter if you are looking for a motion detector for internal or external use, for wall or ceiling mounting or whether it should cover a detection area of 110° or 360°: At Theben you will find the ideal motion detector to meet your individual requirements.

Motion detectors for external use

Our motion detectors provide more security in external areas (IP 55): If they detect movement, they always switch on the light. A function that has an effect on uninvited guests: What burglar wants to be put under the spotlight? It doesn't matter if you're near home in your car or if you are outside your front door – creep under protection detects movement right under the installed motion detector and it never leaves you in the dark. The horizontally and vertically adjustable sensor head allows the detection area to be set as required. With the help of different segment discs, it is possible to further refine the detection area of the motion detector and it avoids unnecessary operation.

Motion detectors for internal use

Whether it's hotel corridors, staircases or cellars light provides security. Especially in areas you are unfamiliar with or in areas where you don't have an empty hand to operate the light switch, motion detectors can be a great help. Wide as the range of applications is for motion detectors, they all have one thing in common: They provide more security, lower energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions. However motion detectors can do much more. A second output allows the connection of environmental control. The individually adjustable time delay controls, for example, how long a fan should stay on in a bathroom after the room is vacated.


Innovation and quality "Made in Germany"

With around 700 employees, including 550 in Haigerloch, five subsidiaries in Europe and branches in over 50 countries worldwide, Theben is one of the global leaders in the production of KNX building systems technology, lighting control,climate control and time control. 

In addition to our original core expertise in the area of "time control", we have been a member of the "KNX Association" since 1992 and have made a significant contribution to establishing KNX as a globally-recognised standard in building systems control. The merger with the inventors of the presence detector – the Swiss company HTS in 2007, enabled us to extend and reinforce our expertise in the area of presence detectors, motion detectors and lighting control.

Our in-house testing laboratory, authorised by the VDE institute, enables us to thoroughly test Theben products from the initial idea, through development to the production stage. A 100% final inspection in production ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises after distribution.