Environmental policy of Theben AG at the Haigerloch location

As a part of corporate policy, environmental policy is the responsibility of the company management. The company management understands environmental policy as an executive function, and constantly seeks to enhance the environmental balance. As a part of our integrated management system, the environmental policy is described in our management handbook. Compliance and supervision is conducted in accordance with the defined rules therein.

It is the defined goal of Theben AG to keep adverse effects on the environment as low as possible during all activities, while compliance with the legal regulations, as a minimum requirement, goes without saying.

Environmental Management / Management System DIN ISO 9001 / 14001
  • We already evaluate and consider potential environmental impacts from an early stage of product development, logistics and product planning.
  • All employees are informed about and trained in environmental protection in accordance with their tasks, and are obliged to adhere to the standards.
  • In order to avoid environmental impacts and to reduce them to a minimum wherever possible, our business and production processes are tested on their environmental compatibility.
  • We use energy and raw materials as economically and efficiently as possible, and we prefer less polluting energy sources.
  • We take measures to avoid or minimize environmental impacts, which could be caused by potential process disruptions.
  • Within economically reasonable limits, we select our materials and suppliers in accordance with the compliance of our ecological requirements and goals.
  • Contractual partners, who work in our company, are also required to observe our environmentally relevant regulations.
  • In the dialogue with suppliers, customers, authorities, and the public, we act constructively and sustainably in terms of this environmental policy.
  • The compliance with the environmental policy is subject to regular monitoring and evaluation within the scope of internal audits. 

Our representative will be pleased to receive your suggestions concerning the environmental management.