thePixa app


The optical sensor thePixa P360 KNX detects differences in the states of monitored rooms and processes the related information. thePixa devices also detect how many objects are within the detection area and count them.

If thePixa is paired with thePixa Plug app, the following functions are available:

  • Detection display (grid)
    Motions (green) or presences (red) that the optical sensor detector is currently evaluating are displayed. Walking persons are detected as motion, sitting persons as presence.
    Note: Due to a safety tracking element, a motion may be displayed for a short time longer than it is actually executed. This delay time depends on past motions and cannot be changed.

  • Occupancy statistics
    Graphical display of occupancy rate and occupancy density of the past 7 days, for each zone individually:
    - Occupancy rate: zone occupancy per hour in percent
    - Occupancy density: zone utilisation per hour in percent

  • Heat map
    Graphical display of the detected motions over a defined period of time. Export as .csv file possible.


  • Parameters
    The following values are displayed or can be adjusted:
    - Actual temperature / temperature calibration
    - Actual brightness per zone / brightness adjustment per zone
    - Installation height
    - Sensitivity of the sensor
    - Room definition

  • Control commands
    The following functions can be activated:
    - Teach-in function
    - Activation of programming mode
    - Activation of test mode
    - Reset to factory settings
    - Firmware update of the sensor

  • Zones
    Inclusion and editing of up to 6 zones,  each one can be individually  labelled. An exclusion zone can be added to each zone, to suppress sources of interference.

  • Password protection
    Access to the optical sensor can be protected by assigning a password.