• Central display and control unit for the LUXOR system
  • Time, weekday, date as well as central and automatic functions are displayed
  • Current weather conditions are displayed as well as min./max values
  • Display with back-lighting
  • Favourite sites can be selected from 6 pages
  • 8 channel time switch
  • Heating temperature reduction in combination with a RAMSES room thermostat
  • Manual switching on the device for central and group functions as well as manual and automatic mode
  • Daily and weekly programs
  • Astronomical program (dependent on sunrise and sunset)
  • Freely programmable switching times as well as pre-programmed astronomical switching times
  • Offset setting ± 120 min
  • Easy location input via city list
  • Individual link of time switch channels with the outputs
  • Time controlled positioning of drives (LUXOR 408 S/409 S) as well as transmission of dimming values (LUXOR 405) as percentage values
  • Blocking times for suppression of brightness or twilight signals from sensor module (LUXOR 411)
  • Astronomical blocking times for time shifts for moving shutters/awnings up and down
  • Automatic changeover summer/winter time
  • PIN code
  • Installation in flush-mounted socket

Technical data

Operating voltage 230 V AC
Frequency 50 Hz
Installation type Suface mounted
Stand-by consumption ~1,1 W
Number of channels 8
Connection for COM EIB/KNX bus line type YCYM or Y(ST)Y or communication line J-Y(ST)Y/length up to 100 m
Number of memory locations 350
Program Weekly program, Astronomical program
Ambient temperature -5 °C … +45 °C
Type of protection IP 20
Protection class II according to EN 60 335

Connection example


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LUXOR 426 - Central display and control unit for the LUXOR system


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