theLuxa P300 KNX WH


  • Motion detector (PIR)
  • Automatic lighting control based on presence and brightness
  • For integration into KNX building systems
  • For outdoor use
  • For installation on walls and ceilings
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • For larger, commercial outdoors properties such as offices, public buildings, hotels, schools, car parks and warehouses
  • Easy to program with KNX ETS software
  • Adjustable brightness switching value and switch-off delay
  • Sensitivity can be reduced
  • Area limit via lens attachment
  • Mixed light measurement
  • Teach-in of current brightness value possible
  • Pulse function
  • Test function for checking detection area
  • Installation on flush-mounted socket possible (60 mm)
  • Single-handed plug-in installation
  • Instant start-up possible via factory preset
  • Controls are place protected
  • Corner angle included
  • Spacer and corner angle included

Technical data

Operating voltage KNX Bus voltage, <10 mA
Setting range brightness 1 – 3000 lx
Detection angle 300°
Creep under protection Ø 6 m
Installation type Wall and ceiling installation
Light switch-off delay  1 s - 60 min
Light measurement Mixed light measurement
Ambient temperature -25 °C … +45 °C
Colour White
Protection class III
Type of protection IP 55

Scale drawings

theLuxa P300 KNX WH

Detection range

Mounting height (A) Head on to (r) Diagonally (t)
2 m 4 m 12 m
2,5 m 5 m 16 m
3 m 5 m 16 m
3,5 m 5 m 16 m
4 m 4 m 12 m
theLuxa P300 KNX WH


Article number Data sheet Documents basket
Corner angle theLuxa P WH - For corner installation of motion detectors

Corner angle theLuxa P WH

Spacer theLuxa P WH - Additional spacer for flexible installation (cable entry below, side, top and more space for cables)

Spacer theLuxa P WH

theSenda P - Service remote control

theSenda P

theSenda S - User remote control

theSenda S



Format Download
CAD symbol (DXF/DWG) ZIP
Operating instructions PDF
Manual PDF
KNX database ZIP


Article number Data sheet Documents basket
theLuxa P300 KNX BK - Motion detector (PIR)

theLuxa P300 KNX BK

theLuxa P300 KNX WH - Motion detector (PIR)

theLuxa P300 KNX WH

Article number 1019610
Data sheet
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