PlanoCentro ESR-A KNX


  • Presence detector (PIR)
  • For ceiling installation (false ceilings)
  • With installation for false ceilings and cover
  • Square 360° detection area allows accurate and simple planning
  • Flush design
  • Mixed light measurement
  • Presence and brightness-dependent control for lighting and HVAC systems
  • Choice of fully or semi-automatic lighting control
  • Connection option for sensors or switches for manual switching with automatic recognition
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Can be configured remotely
  • Installation with mechanical stop
  • Lighting control with brightness threshold value and self-learning switch-off delay
  • Pulse function for staircase time switch
  • Presence output with switch-on and switch-off delay
  • Room monitoring with selective movement detection
  • Management remote control SendoPro 868-A (optional)
  • theSenda S user remote control (optional)
  • Parameters can be selected for subsequent changes
  • Test operation mode checks the detection area and brightness threshold
  • Individual covers available on request

Technical data

Operating voltage KNX Bus voltage, ca. 14 mA
Installation height 2,5 – 3,5 m
Setting range brightness 5 – 2000 lx
Detection angle 360°
Type of connection KNX bus terminal
Installation type Ceiling mounting with mounting frame
Light switch-off delay  30 s–60 min
Lamps Energy saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, Incandescent/halogen lamps, LEDs
Light measurement Mixed light measurement
Presence switch-off delay 10 s–120 min
Switch-on delay presence 10 s – 30 min
Ambient temperature +0 °C … +50 °C
Colour Silver (similar to RAL 9006)
Type of protection IP 40

Scale drawings

PlanoCentro ESR-A KNX

Detection range

Mounting height (A) Sitting (S) Walking (T)
2 m 20 m² | 4,5 m x 4,5 m 36 m² | 6 m x 6 m ± 0,5 m
2,5 m 36 m² | 6 m x 6 m 64 m² | 8 m x 8 m ± 0,5 m
3 m 49 m² | 7 m x 7 m 81 m² | 9 m x 9 m ± 1 m
3,5 m 64 m² | 8 m x 8 m 100 m² | 10 m x 10 m ± 1 m
PlanoCentro ESR-A KNX


Article number Data sheet Documents basket
PlanoSet RQ ESR - Mounting set consisting of round flush-mounting box PlanoFix E, matching square cover PlanoCover and assembly

PlanoSet RQ ESR

PlanoSet RR ESR - Mounting set consisting of round flush-mounting box PlanoFix E, matching round cover PlanoCover and assembly

PlanoSet RR ESR

SendoPro 868-A - Infrared remote control for the convenient startup of HTS presence detectors

SendoPro 868-A

theSenda S - User remote control

theSenda S

QuickSafe - QuickSafe safety cover




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CAD symbol (DXF/DWG) ZIP
Operating instructions PDF
KNX database ZIP
Tender texts DOC
Manual PDF
Product information PDF
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Article number Data sheet Documents basket
PlanoCentro EWH-A KNX - Presence detector (PIR)

PlanoCentro EWH-A KNX

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PlanoCentro EBK-A KNX

PlanoCentro ESR-A KNX - Presence detector (PIR)

PlanoCentro ESR-A KNX

  • Silver
Article number 2059104
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