OpenTherm Interface for KNX and OT-BUS
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Theben OpenTherm Interface for KNX connects OT-BUS to KNX-BUS with heating systems

With the KNX OT-Box, Theben AG presents an universal interface for KNX- and OT-heating systems which can be employed as Master for the OpenTherm heating systems in combination with a KNX single room control.

(Haigerloch, 04/13/2011) Theben’s new KNX OT-Box connects the OT-BUS, which is commonly used with gas heaters, to the KNX-BUS. The Interface enables as Master the bidirectional data exchange between the OpenTherm heating system and the heat distribution via the KNX system for single room control. Status signals and fault indications can be recorded e.g. via the Theben VARIA 826 KNX. At the same time, the directions for the boiler control can be provided by the OpenTherm interface for KNX.


Besides the pilot room control, the new interface permits the needs-driven flow optimization including all rooms. The domestic water heating by solar support helps saving energy, because e.g. weather forecasts with expected sunshine can be accounted for in domestic water heating. Moreover, the energy optimized legionella protection programme prevents undesired heating of the storage tank to the legionella-preventing temperature.


Theben KNX OT-Box can be started up quickly and easily according to the detachable Bus coupling unit and factory-provided screed drying programme according to DIN EN 1264-4.


Further information about OpenTherm Interface for KNX and OT-BUS:

Theben OpenTherm Interface for KNX and OT-BUS



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