top3 digital time switches with app programming, safe data transfer and 600 W LED output
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Changing times!


Discover all advantages of the new top3 digital time switches at a glance:



Ideal for LED

top3 provides 5 times more LED output than top2 (max. 600 W).

Changing times – top2 becomes top3: The new top3 digital time switches from Theben

Theben replaces the multi-million selling top2 devices by the redesigned top3 series of digital time switches. Highlights include convenient programming via app, safe data transfer via Bluetooth OBELISK top3, as well as LED output of 600 W. At the same time, full compatibility with top2 devices is ensured.




Highlights of top3 digital time switches at a glance:

  • More flexibility:
    Can be flexibly programmed on PC or laptop, via app on a tablet or smartphone, or directly at the device
  • More safety:
    Tamper-proof transfer of programs via Bluetooth OBELISK top3 – a Bluetooth Low Energy dongle – to the top3 device. Safer than permanently installed Bluetooth receivers!
  • More energy efficiency:
    Reduced standby consumption thanks to Low Energy technology
  • Fully compatible with top2:
    Continue to use top2 accessories with top3 and easily replace devices thanks to identical terminal layout. Read out and transfer top2 programs to top3 via Bluetooth OBELISK top3 or OBELISK top2.
  • Up to 600 W LED output:
    Keep high LED inrush currents firmly under control with the new zero-cross switching. Switch 5 times the LED output of top2.
  • More comfort:
    Save time programs directly from the app in the cloud, send programs via email, or transfer them directly from smartphone to smartphone.


Pairing of smartphone and timer:



The new top3 digital time switches at a glance