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Everything under control. The new KNX push button interfaces from Theben

The new KNX push button interfaces can record binary conditions and control indicator lamps via the outputs. If potential-free buttons or switches are connected, they can carry out different functions, such as switching, dimming, raising/lowering blinds, etc.

KNX push button interfaces from Theben

Always optimally connected. The new KNX power supplies from Theben

The new KNX power supplies provide KNX lines via the KNX output with integrated energised choke. The un-choked AUX auxiliary output can, for example, be used for the additional power supply of KNX IP devices or other system devices, like weather stations and displays, etc.

KNX power supplies from Theben

More efficient heating made simple. The new RAMSES 718 KNX room thermostats from Theben

The new RAMSES 718 S/P KNX room thermostats are the optimum successors of the tried and tested RAMSES 712/713 devices. They support the heating regulation within a KNX controlled building in a constant or 2-point model. Thanks to the universal mounting plate, they can be installed directly on the wall or on an accessory back box.

RAMSES 718 KNX room thermostats

Small. Strong. Flexible. Durable. The new theLeda S LED spotlight with motion detector from Theben

The new theLeda S LED spotlights with integrated motion detector for outdoors are replacing the successful LUXA LED spotlights. They are ideal for outdoor areas, such as carports and the rear entrances of buildings. theLeda S offers a compact case with clear shapes and blends in perfectly. The integrated lens boasts sophisticated mirror optics for PIR detectors. The 180° rotating LED module allows for wall, façade and accent lighting, as well as wall wash effects. The detection area can be easily limited to 180° using the labels provided.

theLeda S LED spotlight with motion detector

Absolutely secure. Under the hardest conditions. The new theLuxa R motion detector for outdoor use from Theben

When motion detectors are to be installed in open access areas, such as schoolyards, sports facilities, parking garages or public facilities and social institutions, it all comes down to one thing: maximum sturdiness and reliable resistance to tampering. Like the new theLuxa R motion detectors. They are the particularly compact and optimally protected solution for sensitive outdoor areas. 

theLuxa R motion detector for outdoors

Listens in. Switches precisely. The new LUXA 103-100 UA motion detector with acoustic function from Theben

The new LUXA 103-100 UA WH motion detector is ideal for bathrooms and toilets, among others, thanks to the integrated microphone. While the motion detector is activated by the PIR sensor, the integrated microphone indicates the shut-off delay. Thanks to the compact design with integrated power unit, the motion detector fits descretely in all indoor spaces.

LUXA 103-100 UA motion detector with acoustic function

Simply smart. Simply LUXOR: LUXORliving comfort control

LUXORliving is the new flexible comfort control from Theben, offering all-round home comfort without the complexity of many „smart home“ systems. Switching and dimming lights, regulating the heating and controlling shutters, blinds or curtains this is what LUXORliving is all about. And the best thing: LUXORliving is so simple to install and use. Simply LUXORliving.

LUXORliving comfort control

Changing times – top2 becomes top3: The new top3 digital time switches from Theben

Theben replaces the multi-million selling top2 devices by the redesigned top3 series of digital time switches. Highlights include convenient programming via app, safe data transfer via Bluetooth OBELISK top3, as well as LED output of 600 W. At the same time, full compatibility with top2 devices is ensured.

The new top3 digital time switches

Efficient lighting intelligence: The new theRonda DALI presence detectors

With the new theRonda DALI presence detectors, ThebenHTS is expanding the range of standard models and performance models it offers by adding versions featuring intelligent lighting control via the DALI bus system. 

theRonda DALI presence detectors

Atmospheric lighting via app: Theben universal dimmer DIMAX for LED lamps

The new Theben universal dimmers DIMAX 542 plus and 544 plus ensure harmonious and flicker-free dimming of LED lamps. Individual lighting scenarios can be conveniently programmed via the free app for android smart phones and sent to the DIMAX 544 plus via NFC.

Universal dimmer DIMAX 542 plus and 544 plus

So big can be so small: The new Theben mini presence and motion detectors thePiccola

With the new thePiccola mini presence and motion detectors, Theben presents a compact series for motion and brightness dependent lighting control with medium detection areas

The new Theben mini presence and motion detectors thePiccola

Simply well-rounded: the new presence detectors theRonda S and theRonda P with master-master parallel switching

ThebenHTS complements the proven theRonda P performance series with a simplified version for smaller offices, side rooms with incident daylight, or damp rooms. In the new generation, theRonda P presence detectors have a master-master parallel switching, which is used to set the lighting conditions in the detection area of individual devices independently, and thus individually.

Presence detectors theRonda S and P from ThebenHTS

Excellent design, now even more economical and flexible: the new ThebenHTS premium presence detectors thePrema E with reduced standby consumption

ThebenHTS optimises the programme of thePrema premium presence detectors. The devices have a standby consumption of less than 0.1 Watt, while thePrema S, as a DALI version, is suited for easy integration into building automation.

The new ThebenHTS thePrema E presence detectors

Plug & Play: Theben presence and motion detectors now pre-assembled, for even easier installation

In order to reduce installation times and installation costs, from now on, Theben equips presence detectorstheRonda and compact passage, as well as motion detectorstheMova with high-quality plugs and cables, by request.

Pre-assembled Theben presence and motion detectors

The new theLeda P LED spotlights from Theben with motion detector: look better, are brighter and more intelligent

The new theLeda P LED spotlight from Theben supports a range of functions that is unrivalled at the current time: orientation light, dimming function, self-learning night switch-off and many more. The special design of the LED panels enables light to be emitted laterally, so that the area close to the wall is illuminated. The result is a much friendlier impression compared to conventional directional spotlights.

theLeda P LED spotlight with motion detector

Dimming LEDs precisely: Theben KNX universal dimmer actuators of the FIX series

With the new FIX DM KNX, Theben presents a universal dimmer actuator for efficient lighting control in the realm of KNX building automation. Among others, dimmable LED lamps and energy saving lamps, can be controlled even more flexibly and precisely by using different dimming curves. 

KNX universal dimmer actuators of the FIX1 and FIX2 series

All ready, steady, and compact: the new Theben FIX1/FIX2 KNX actuators

Those who do not need the modularity of Theben MIX2 actuators, but look for maximum flexibility and functionality, find the perfect alternative with the new FIX1 and FIX2 KNX compact actuators. Moreover, an affordable one. For example, the RM 16 T KNX switch/blinds actuator with 16 relays can control lights as well as blinds and is perfectly suited for the use in property construction, such as office buildings, public buildings, educational facilities or hotels. Wherever lighting and sun protection control are required in one room.

KNX actuators of the FIX1 and FIX2 series

Individual temperature to the point: The new Theben fan coil actuator FCA 2 KNX

The new FCA 2 KNX fan coil actuator from Theben gives you all the convenience you desire of a heating control. Thanks to proportional control valves, you can increase or decrease the temperature precisely to the degree. Ideal for hotel rooms, office buildings, and apartment complexes.

Fan coil actuator FCA 2 KNX

Best connections: Theben IP router KNX and IP interface KNX

Theben IP router and IP interface connect the KNX bus with the substantially faster Ethernet network (TCP/IP). Via the network, KNX telegrams can be sent to or received from other devices. Both enable firmware updates. The IP Router indicates power failures in the KNX bus.

IP router and IP interface for KNX

theLuxa P300 KNX motion detector – an all-rounder with inner values for outdoors

With the theLuxa P300 KNX, Theben presents a true all-rounder among the KNX motion detectors for outdoors (IP 55): With 4 channels each for motion and 4 channels for temperature and light, the KNX motion detector offers highest flexibility. Furthermore, theLuxa P300 KNX offers logic functions and a simple week timer.

theLuxa P300 KNX motion detector

KNX presence detector PlanoSpot KNX and PlanoSpot KNX S by ThebenHTS: Flexible, flat, feature-rich

Room situations in offices are changing faster today than ever before. The new PlanoSpot KNX by ThebenHTS is the first presence detector on the market with a mechanically moving detection area. This makes Plano Spot KNX the optimal presence detector for spaces where a flexible floor plan is important. But PlanoSpot can do even more.

Presence detector PlanoSpot KNX

X-times awarded: Theben is selected “Most innovative brand 2015“

On the evening of 18 June 2015, awards were presented to the 26 most innovative brands. Theben received the coveted „Most innovative brand 2015“ award in the category “Energy and lighting“. Already in early summer, Theben demonstrated its splendid performance in the fields of innovative technology, perfectly shaped product design, convenient operating concepts, and processing of high-quality materials.

Theben is “Most innovative brand 2015“

Automatic lighting control at its best: Motion detector theLuxa S

With its unobtrusive appearance, it offers a warm welcome. Nothing escapes it. For this reason, everyone has a good feeling of comfort and safety. Also, because it is easily fitted, operated, and configured. The new theLuxa S motion detector always makes a good impression. Find out yourself ‒ with the new video.

Trailer of motion detector theLuxa S

Reliable, precise, suited for all kinds of weather: LUXOR 440 weather station from Theben

Whether sunshine, rain or cold spell - the new LUXOR 440 weather station from Theben is optimally equipped for all weather conditions. Behind the transparent housing, there are sensitive sensors, which reliably measure the temperature, apart from wind, rain, and sunshine, and transmit them to the LUXOR living comfort control.

LUXOR 440 weather station

Developed for LED lamps: The new Theben ELPA 6 plus, staircase light timer switch

With the new ELPA 6 plus, Theben presents a staircase light timer switch with a warning prior to switching off the LED lamp. Thanks to an extended single pulse, a reliable warning prior to switching off the lighting is also visible for LEDs.

Theben ELPA 6 plus, staircase light timer switch for LED lamps

Simply simpler: The new RAMSES 366/1 top2 digital clock thermostat from Theben

With the new RAMSES 366/1 top2, Theben presents a digital clock thermostat for single-zone control with a shallow installation depth and simplified installation, convenient programmability thanks to the intuitive top2 operating philosophy and a date-controlled holiday program.

RAMSES 366/1 top2 digital clock thermostat

Heavy-duty design for LEDs and energy-saving bulbs: The new Theben SELEKTA 175 top2 astronomical time switch

With the new SELEKTA 175 top2, Theben presents an astronomical time switch with an installation width of 1 TE for high-capacitance loads, especially those associated with LED lamps and energy-saving bulbs.

Theben SELEKTA 175 top2 astronomical time switch

Faster, brighter: Theben theLeda E LED spotlight with motion detector

With the new theLeda E Series, Theben presents a powerful and easy-to-install combination of LED spotlight and motion detector

theLeda E LED spotlight with motion detector

A growing family: Theben extends the series of Meteodata 140 S KNX weather stations

Under the transparent housing of the well known Meteodata 140 S KNX weather station from Theben, there are now also two 24 V versions, as well as a “basic“ version without rain sensor.

New Meteodata 140 S KNX weather stations

Up and down on schedule: The new digital Theben theRolla time switches for roller blinds and blinds

With theRolla S031 and theRolla P032, Theben presents two new digital time switches for automatic and reliable control of blinds and shutters with various switch programmes and simple programming.

Digital Theben theRolla time switches for blinds and shutters

Main Catalogue & New Products Brochure 2014

Since our websites and exhibition stand are already resplendent in the new Corporate Design, it is now the turn of our Main Catalogue 2014. Browse through over 200 pages of our products and solutions which all having the same goal: to improve your comfort while reducing the energy demand. In our New Products Brochure you will find all our trade fair highlights from Light+Building 2014 at a glance.

Main Catalogue & New Products Brochure 2014

German Design Council nominates the new corporate design of Theben AG for the German Design Award 2015

Some awards you can apply for. For others you will be nominated. As for the German Design Award. This alone is already an award in itself. Now, the German Design Council included the new corporate design of Theben AG into the competition.

German Design Council nominates the new Theben corporate design

Full range: The new Theben theLuxa Performance and Standard motion detectors

theLuxa motion detector standard range already exists. Now Theben is following up with the theLuxa Performance devices and is completing the range of motion detectors for automatic and energy-efficient outdoor lighting control. All devices have the same attractive, unified design. The most important characteristics and functions compared:

theLuxa P motion detector

It simply makes sense: the new theMova motion detectors for indoors from ThebenHTS

With theMova product family, ThebenHTS is setting new standards for automatic, energy-efficient lighting control in indoor transit areas. The new droplet-shaped design of theMova motion detector links to the product design of thePrema and theRonda presence detectors.

theMova S and P motion detectors

An all-round success when presence matters: the new ThebenHTS theRonda presence detectors

thePrema presence detector with its square detection area already setting standards in the premium end of the market. With the new theRonda presence detectors, ThebenHTS now complements its presence detector range with a lower cost variant with a circular detection area and concentrated functional scope. theRonda displays its strengths whenever as large an area as possible has to be covered with only one presence detector. Thanks to a uniform design with a characteristic droplet shape, Theben motion and presence detectors guarantee a unified indoor aesthetic.

theRonda P presence detector

Multiple awards: The new thePrema presence detectors from ThebenHTS

The design of thePrema presence detectors simultaneously convinced three international and independent juries, and was honoured with the following design prizes in Spring 2014: the "GOOD DESIGN" award of "The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts", the "Plus-X" awards, one of the world's most prestigious innovation prizes for technology, sport and lifestyle, and the coveted "iF product design" award.

Design prizes for thePrema presence detectors

Squaring the circle: The new thePrema presence detectors from ThebenHTS for energy-efficient light and air-conditioning control indoors

ThebenHTS presents the new thePrema presence detector product family designed for energy-efficient, presence-dependent control of lighting and air conditioning. The design resembles a droplet in the course of being formed: clear, round and perfectly shaped. When installed in the ceiling, it is barely noticeable. Its high performance, however, is extremely noticeable.

Presence detector thePrema

Theben theServa: easily control light, blinds and room temperature from a smartphone or tablet

Smartphones, tablet PCs are a constant part of our daily life. With the KNX visualisation theServa S110 from Theben, you can make easy adjustments to light, sun protection and temperature settings via app and access important usage data.

KNX visualisation theServa S110 from Theben

Flexibility wins: The new Theben MIX2-KNX-actuator range

By the end of 2014, the proven MIX actuators will be replaced by the new enhanced MIX2-KNX actuators and FIX2 compact actuators. The result is a complete new range for efficient switching and dimming of lighting, as well as heating and blind controls.

New MIX2-KNX actuators

Looking back: Notifications from 2013 and earlier

In our archive you can find notifications from 2013 and earlier. Everything from product notifications such as that about our KNX universal dimmer or our presence and motion detectors, and even notifications about our mobile website, the introduction of RSS feeds and much more.

Looking back: Notifications from 2013 and earlier